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4th Workshop on Structural Analysis of Aperiodic Crystals,  6-8 March 2003 in Bayreuth, Germany

Structural analysis of incommensurately modulated crystals and composite crystals

{ Peter Daniels }

During March 6.-8. 2003 the fourth workshop about the 'Structural analysis of incommensurately modulated crystals and composite crystals' was held at the Laboratory for Crystallography.
This workshop was made possible by the support of the German Crystallographic Association (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallographie) and its special interest group 'Aperiodic Crystals'.
We could welcome 42 paticipants from nine different countries in Europe and the USA.
During the three days of this workshop lectures introduced the basic elements of the theory needed to understand the atomic structure of aperiodic crystals.
In the afternoons, the participants had the opportunity to practice the structural analysis of incommensurate crystals with the computer program JANA 2000. Several worked-out examples were provided, that treated different aspects of structure solution and structure analysis.
Here selected 'real life' examples of different complexity and with different problematic aspects could be solved using JANA2000.
The lectures and the practical courses were held in different buildings (BGI and FAN) so that everybody also had the chance to get a closer look at the campus.
The large number of participants and the spread of countries of origin prove this kind of event to be of great interest.

                              [Participants of the 4th workshop, March 2003]

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Date: 2003/06/12