EuroSchool 2013







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·        Gervais Chapuis, Lausanne, Switzerland

·        Marc de Boissieu, Grenoble, France

·        Michal Dusek, Prague, Czech Republic

·        Joke Hadermann, Antwerp, Belgium

·        Ron Lifshitz, Tel Aviv, Israel

·        Olivier Pérez, Caen, France

·        Vaclav Petricek, Prague, Czech Republic

·        Andreas Schönleber, Bayreuth, Germany

·        Hiroyuki Takakura, Sapporo, Japan

·         Sander van Smaalen, Bayreuth, Germany



·        Aperiodic order of matter

·        Superspace theory of modulated crystals

·        Icosahedral and decagonal quasicrystals 

·        Symmetry and superspace groups

·        Diffraction

·        Structure solution and refinement in superspace

·        Structural analysis and t-plots

·        Crystal chemistry

·        Electron microscopy

·        Phasons

·        Phase transitions

·         Theories of stability of aperiodic order



Three afternoon sessions will be devoted to a practical course in two parallel sessions:

(1) Structural analysis of modulated crystals with JANA2006;

(2) Structures of quasicrystals






2nd International School on Aperiodic Crystals

© S. van Smaalen, University of Bayreuth
Date: 23 January 2014